Elza (Brave Frontier)

Elza Brave Frontier


02 May 2015 @ Napoli Comicon


Elza is amazing, I love the design, I love her history. She lives to protect her sister Alice in the shadow. She is proud and she is not afraid. Her costume is red (my favorite color) with gold and purple and her face is so cool. The first time I saw her I just falling in loveÖ
This costume was really hard to doÖ. Itís full of particular.
First of all I start with the wings, they are so big! I start to study Autocad to design them to cut with laser. Then Iíve used a special plastic to cover them and colored with sparkle and glitter. Same technique that Iíve used for the little wings on the hair.
After them Iíve started to do the dress: search the right fabric, design the embroidery, made the petticoat.. During the work Iíve re-made some part Ďcause I didnít like the result. But was not important: I really wanted that the costume was perfect.
Iíve made the accessories in different way: For the belt Iíve chosen to make it in Worbla, a special plastic. For the horns and the other part of the dress Iíve chosen foam with latex and resin. Iíve made the gems with resin.
The scythe was made with the help of my friend. He did a great job! Itís so heavy, but itís amazing!


Matteo Arienti ( 09th May 2015 )

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