About me

NadiaSK is an italian cosplayer.

To this day, NadiaSK has made a myriad of costumes in the genres of anime, manga, video games, comic books and original designs. Her intricate and lavish creations have won awards and acclaim worldwide, and she has been invited to appear as a Guest, Panelist, Judge, Performer and Host to many conventions and other events all over the globe.

Since her start in 2004, she has participated in many prominent Italian conventions where she has won over 50 awards for "Best Female Cosplay" or "Best Group.”
She was the Italian representative at World Cosplay Summit 2008 dressed as Lia de Beaumont from the anime and manga Chevalier d'Eon.  In May 2010, she won "Best Cosplayer of Italy" at the Italian Cosplay Contest with the costume of Rydia (Amano version) from the videogame Final Fantasy IV. 
In March 2011, she won third place in the Cosplay World Masters international contest in Lisbon dressed as Touhaku from the card game Sengokushi Taisen.
In the same competition the following year, she won first place as Alice from Scissors Crown series by illustrator Thores Shibamoto.
She was in the Italian Team at the European Cosplay Gathering 2012 and won third place. She was the European Solo Representative in Brazil at World Cosplay Master 2012 and won third place with Inphyy from N3. 
In 2014 she was again the Italian representative at World Cosplay Summit dresses as Sora from Kaleido Star and she won the 2nd place and Best Performance Award.

She has appeared in various cosplay magazines such as Cosmode, Cosmoplay andCosplayGen as well as several cosplay books such as Otacool 2, Fenomenal Cosplay,100%Otaku and Cosplay, Alessia in Wonderland. 
MTV USA filmed a video documentary about her life as cosplayer called "NadiaSK", which was also broadcasted in Europe and Japan. 
She is also a promoter on the website Worldcosplay.net. 

Aside from cosplay, one of NadiaSK's greatest passions is video games... she has every console! NadiaSK also runs a YouTube channel about cosplay, gaming and reviews.

In everyday life she is a costume designer and image consultant. 

If you want know more about her, fell free to write her an e-mail to nadiask@nadiask.com, and she will answer you as soon as possible!

About the website

NadiaSK.com finally has a new life!

In this site you can find all the info you want about NadiaSK: new gallery, the work in progress, videos, events and much more!
Don't forget to visit also NadiaSK Store, where you can buy autographed photos and costumes.

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