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Day: 08th October, Sunday
Event: Romics October 2006 - Rome
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Weared Cosplay: Shiva from Final Fantasy X
Photos by: Max Vertua

* Best Male Cosplay: Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X [ ]
* Best Female Cosplay: Xiao Mei from La foresta dei pugnali volanti [ Edhelwen-chan ]
* Best Performance: Seith Nightlord e Caine from Trinity Blood [Stab & Ramona]
* Best Accessorize: Ryu Kazuhiko from Clover [ Auron ]
* Original Cosplay: Creamy from Creamy [ Only Shojo Cosplay ]
* Cute Cosplay: Nightmare and Sophitia from Soul Calibur [ Buzzi and Foxe]
* Special Awards Romics: Grifith and Lady Charlotte from Berserk [ ]
* Special Awards Romics: Shiva and Ifrit from Final Fantasy X [ Nadiask & Ismaele ]
* WCS: Umi and Fuu from Magic Knight Rayearth [ ]
desing & making: Petra Lucchini